Monthly archive - May 2011

How to Learn Java

Learning the Java language can be quite intimidating. There are a ton of different sites out there offering to teach you how to program in Java but it can be difficult trying to figure out where to start.

If you have never programmed anything before then I am going to recommend that you first take a class at your local college in order to learn programming basics. Programming can be very intimidating and you certainly need a solid basis before trying to layer on new skills. Once you have the basics down though learning a new language such as Java will be a little easier than going at it without an experience at all.

Once you feel comfortable of taking on the task of how to learn Java on your own, it is time to begin your search for the best training. My first suggestion would be to find an online class that would be set up similar to a college class taken online. Find a website that already has several videos in place such as webinars that will teach you how to learn Java. These videos should start off with the basics of Java, along with its benefits and weaknesses along with what you can use Java for. Once you get the basics down the lessons should progressively advance and get harder. You will also want to look for a training program that offers assignments for you to complete on you own.

Typically you will have to pay for a learning session like this but it is going to be much less than taking a full semester of Java at your local college.

If you are just looking to learn something very specific then the chances are someone out there wants to show you how to do it and it will be posted on a website. Be specific in your search in order to get the results that you are looking for.

If you are unable to get the video lessons which I highly recommend then you do have the option of doing a lot of reading but I don’t recommend this for anyone. You have to be extremely motivated and already have a good understanding of programming and even a basic knowledge of Java itself before attempting this. I would only suggest this if you have taken many other program courses and are very familiar with programming languages similar to Java or you just need a little refresher.

Open PDF Files

PDF Files are one of the most popular ways to save and transmit electronic documents. You can save everything from text to scan images to graphics as a PDF so if you are unable to Open PDF files then you are certainly missing out.

In order to properly Open PDF Files you have to have the right software installed on your computer. The software that you will need in order to open a PDF files is called Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat reader is free and you simply have to go to in order to download the software and start using it. Once there simply click on the download button and follow the on screen instruction to finish downloading the software.

Now that you have Adobe Acrobat installed you are ready to open any PDF file that comes your way. You should simply be able to double click that file and it should automatically open.

If the PDF file does not automatically open with Adobe Acrobat installed then you will want to right click on the file you would like to open and select “Open With” From the list of option here find Adobe Acrobat and you will be well on you way to viewing you PDF file.

Web Design Packages

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Web design packages can be the way to go for anyone looking to start up a website that does not have the knowledge or skills to do it themselves. If looking for a company to build your website for you then you are going to have many options.

The first thing you will want to consider is what your website is goign to be used for. When searching for the web design package that is right for you, you are going to come across web packages that are tailorer for specific industries. Some companies will tailor specifically to small business while other only work with large companies. If you are looking for a web page just for yourself then you will want something small and affordable.

If you are a small business looking to get your first web site up and running there there are few things you are going to want to make sure that the web design package that you choose offers you. First it will be important for you to expand. Make sure you are able to upgrade your package as your business grows.

With that being said though be sure that you are only getting what you need. Many web design companies are going to try to up sell you. They will want you to purchase all the bells and whistles when the reality is that if you are small business just starting out you likely wont need 50 pages and all sorts of checkout options just yet because you simply won;t have the traffic right away. So start small and work your way up in to the bigger packages.

So lets go over some of the common Web Design Packages out there and approximate pricing that goes along with them.

Most companies that will design a web page for you are going to charge you a large one time fee followed by a small monthly fee after that for web hosting.

So your basic one page website without any real bells or whistles is going to cost you about 150 to start and probably about 14 dollars a month there after.  I am going to be honest here a one page web page really is not enough for most people.  There is not a heck of a lot you can do with a single page without making it look jumbled and over crowded.

If you are looking for something a little bigger and this might be a better place to stat for most people then you can go with a 5 page web page.  That is going to cost you about 250 to start and around 20 dollars a month to maintain.

These are basic packages that might be right for most people out there but if you are looking to do more with your site then you are going to be looking a Ecommerce packages out there which can get very expensive.  ECommerce web design packages are going to give you much much more though.  You will have many pages to work with along with a shopping cart to sell items.  There is a hefty price tag that comes along with this though.  Many Ecommerce web design packages will start out at about 1200 dollars and can cost as much as 75 dollars a month to maintain.

Make sure you do your research and are only getting what you need when it comes to purchasing a web design package that is right for you.