Monthly archive - April 2012

Fruit Ninja App on Android Market


Fruit Ninja is a new game that my girlfriend recently told me about and I am starting to hate her for it. It has to be one of the most addicting games I have downloaded recently.

The concept of the game if very simple.  Different types of fruit will fly up from the bottom of your screen and you need to slice them with your samari sword with the swipe of you finger.  Sounds simple enough I know.  The difficult part is that there are bombs thrown in to the mix.  Slice one bomb and your game is over.

Every time you fail to slice a fruit you get an “X”.  Three X’s and you game is also over.  Many time throughout the game you are going to have multiple pieces of fruit and a few bombs all flying around and you will have to work you magic.

My girlfriend and I have an ongoing battle to see who can maintane the high score.

There are also different types of playing modes.  There is the classic mode, which in my opinion the only way to go, along with that there is also an arcade and Zen mode.  In the classic mode you just need to keep slicing fruit.  Easy enough.  In the arcade mode you are on a timer.  Once your time is up you are done.  However there are some frozen bannans in the arcade mode to add a little excitement.  Each banna send the game in to a different type of play.  One will put it in to slow motion while another increases the amount of fruit coming your way.  You cant die in arcade mode but there are still bombs.  In this case though they only deduct points from your total score.

Good luck and happy slicing