Antivirus Software

If you run a PC then you certainly know what viruses are all about. You need to have antivirus software running all the time because there are just so many of them out there that can attack you. It’s almost a full time job keeping your computer free of a PC antivirus!

I said you are familiar with antivirus if you are running a PC for a reason. I’m not a MAC person but I am thinking about making the switch the next time I need to update my laptop. From what I understand though there isn’t a need for any antivirus with a MAC. I’m still not sure if they because they are some how built differently so that viruses can’t take effect or if hackers simply don’t have interest in creating a virus for a MAC? My guess is the latter but I guess time will tell. As Apple and MAC’s become much more popular you would think there would be lonely nerds out there that would take notice and write some viruses.

Computer antivirus programs come in two different forms. One that tries to block them before they can get on your computer, and the other will detect the ones that make it through. Most of the more popular software antivirus will attempt to do both. To find the antivirus program or programs that are right for you, I suggest you check out antivirus software review and antivirus ratings.

Free Antivirus Program

There are programs out there which will both detect incoming viruses and those that are all ready on your hard drive, for free. You do have to be careful about free antivirus programs though. While there are some good ones, I am always leary about something useful that is free. Why is it free? Antivirus software free typically means, “We’re actually putting viruses on your computer!” So be careful of what you choose for your free antivirus protection.

Antivirus Removal

Because there are so many malicious antivirus programs out there, there is a whole industry of programs which will remove these free antivirus programs. Make sure to get something that will completely clean it off of your hard drive. And just like the original free antivirus program you need to be leary of free antivirus removal. Free comes at a price!