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activesync windows 7

Microsoft ActiveSync is a software developed by Microsoft in order to synchonize Windows Powered PC’s and Microsoft outlook.  The latest version of ActiveSync has also been released for Mobile powered devices.

If you are looking for ActiveSync for windows 7 you are going to disappointed.  Currently ActiveSync is only available for Windows XP or earlier.  If you are running a later version of Windows then you your synchronization will be managed through the Windows Mobile Device Center

In order to get Windows Mobile Device center on to your new mobile device you simple need to hook it up to your computer and it should automatically install for you.

Once you have installed this software on to your Mobile phone then you will easily be able to sync up all of your photos, music, outlook contact information, and important files.  Since I am sure you are constantly updating your contacts and files it I am going to recommend that you sync your mobile device often.  If you are paranoid about losing information like I am then you will sync your phone every other night just to make sure that you are always covered.

For all of you that stay up to date and are running windows 7 or Vista you will be quite pleased with the new Windows Mobile Device Center compared to the old ActivSync that you were using.  Windows Mobile Device Center has a great wizard to get you started.

The Photo management section will quickly and easily detect new photos if your device is Windows based.  Once these photos are detected they can then be tagged and imported to your Vista photo gallery.

The Media synchronization section will allow you to sync your music files along with allowing you to shuffle through them when listening on your Windows based phone.

The File browsing section allows you to quickly and easily acces the files that might be stored on your phone.  As an added feature you can even view files from your Windows based device directly on your computer with transferring them.  This will come in handy if you are doing a presentation and forgot to transfer a file to your laptop or don’t even want to bring your laptop.  You can easily just pull out your phone and be ready to give a presentation on the spot.

Syncing your phone is great idea and if you are using Windows XP or earlier then you want to make sure you get ActiveSync.  However for anythign after that you will need Windows Mobile Device center in order to make things work properly.