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If you are thinking of a getting a new PC and you have some basic technical computer hardware knowledge then you can really save some serious money if you look into barebone computers. The typical person who is looking for a new computer is going to check out Dell or Apple and buy everything they need, including the keyboard, speakers, and all the common peripherals. The thing is if you all ready have a computer and you are just looking to upgrade then you likely have most of what you need. I mean, do you really need a new keyboard? Is your monitor fine? Your hard drive is still working fine.

So a barebone computer is going to be offered by retailers and mail order outlets as well. Barebones computers are going to just be the basics that you need to get a new PC. Different packages will vary in what exactly they are going to ffer with a computer barebone set up, but typically you are going to get a new tower, a power supply, a motherboard, and a processor. Depending on what you want to spend in you can get some extras added on as well, but that is going to be the basic package.

Computer barebones options is really great if you have enough knowledge to pull out your existing drives and cards (possibly memory and/or hard drive as well) and plug them into the new tower. Even if you don’t have this specific knowledge but you are relatively handy and computer savvy then you can probably find a Youtube video that will walk you through it. Or the company selling you the barebones set up might even offer some detail instructions.


So if you are open to the idea of a project and are looking to save some money on the purchase of your new PC then a barebone kit is in your future.