Beware the Free Online Virus Scan

virus scannerMost anyone that has ever accepted something for free in life now understands what it means when people say that nothing in life is free. You never get something for free unless it is expected that you’ll do something else. So when you see an ad for a free online virus scan you need to think twice about what the real cost is going to be.

What is really happening?

At best you are actually going to get a virus scan with the results of all the known viruses on your computer but you’ll need to buy the software to actually be able to remove them. At worst you won’t get a scan at all, but it’ll just be installing viruses onto your computer while you think it’s conducting this free online virus scanner. This is a very common scam that you should be aware of.

This is why you also see ads from time to time for a free virus scan and removal. It’s such a common scam that there are companies that just focus on showing you how to remove the junk you get when you tried the free virus scan. The trick here is often it’s the same company that gave you the first set of viruses when you tried the free virus scanner. Only this time you got set up again. Instead of getting the solution to the viruses you got, it is just installing new ones!

Microsoft Virus Scan

There has been a lot of talk ever since Windows 7 came out about the Microsoft Virus Scan solution. It actually is free (typically with a paid copy of Windows 7 of course) and can be installed very easily. It really works very well actually, and it what I run on my system.

Windows systems were starting to really get slammed quite a bit by computer people because of all the viruses and issues floating around for Windows PC’s. Apple was really getting traction because there really aren’t viruses on the Mac’s. I’m not sure if this is because they are better at protecting against it or that Mac’s were less common and programmers tend to be PC folks. Either way, Microsoft had to come up with a way to combat that argument when people were ready to buy another computer. Their answer was to offer a really solid virus protection for free. For now it seems to be working.


So the next time you see an ad for a free virus scan you’d be better off to pretend that it says free offer to steal your car. The intent of the folks behind the ad is the same!