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Free Tax Filing Online

Turbo Tax 2011So right now we are all about to celebrate the holidays and its all warm and fuzzy, right? But soon after that the reality of what we really spend is going to sink in and the bills for all that fun is going to come in our mailbox. As we move from the warm and fuzzy to the financial reality the tax man also comes knocking on our door as well. So it’s time to get your mind wrapped around what you tax burden is going to be this year as well. Not to mention if there are things you can do during the year to reduce what you are going to owe then you have just a couple weeks left to do it.

Free Tax Filing Software

When it comes to filling you taxes with your computer online Turbo Tax is king, although there are other competitors out there as well. In recent years it has become popular to offer this tax calculating and filing service for free. Typically as far as I have seen it is just the very basic tax returns which are offered for free. These returns are so very basic that it would be hard to justify charging for them anyway, and I’m sure the software makers hope is that you’ll get working on it and then realize you need to upgrade the software to a pay version because of some complication with your tax picture. It’s the same business model as the garage that offers free inspections on your car in hopes they will find something in need of repair which they can charge for.

So if you are looking for free tax filing online I would highly suggest Turbo Tax. If you are one of the folks that have a very basic return and can get away with the free version then you are in luck. If not then you were going to have to pay anyway, so you are no further behind. The free tax filing year that is coming up with be for calendar year 2011 and is due April of 2012. However if you are looking to file for past years you can search for any of the following:

Free Tax Filing 2009

Free Tax Filing 2010

Free Tax Filing 2011

Data Storage

One really nice perk that Turbo Tax (and other tax software makers) now offer is data storage. So you can put your return together online, print, and send it, but then they will also offer to store your return. This is nice for two reasons. One, if for some reason you need a copy of your return down the line you can just log on and print it out. So no more searching through filing cabinets or piles of paperwork in your basement in hopes of finding a tax return from years ago. Also, if you choose the same tax software maker in future years they will carry you information forward so that you can complete the process of filing much quicker. For example, it’ll carry you address and employers forward on future years returns. This can be very convenient and time saving. Also it might save you some money too as some deductions will depend on past years filings, which the software can catch as well!