Facebook App or Internet Viewing

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Face Book

The Facebook App is a good example of the kind of app that is really just an extension of something that all ready existing on the web which is now formatted to look good on your phone sized screen. So it’s not like some cool little function that really only exists as an app which you only use on your phone.

Facebook is of course everywhere. When you view Facebook on the internet on your PC or laptop there are more options, the pictures a larger, and things tend to flow a little smoother. There are people that like the internet experience much better then the app that is offered for their phone. These folks will usually just bring up a browser on their phone and go to This is fine but you are going to have to do a good amount of scrolling up and down and back and forth to view everything.

For me, even if the facebook app has a little less functionality then the web I like it. It always fits my phone’s screen (Droid X) and it looks better. And really it’s so good that there are large stretches of time that I don’t even go to facebook on my computer. I will check facebook on my phone on the go or even when I’m sitting on the couch and have a free minute. For me it really has become much more the norm that I go to facebook on my phone app then on my computer! It used to be that when I was on my phone I was trying to figure out how to do something I was used to doing on my computer. Now it really is more that I look on my computer screen to figure out the stuff I’m used to doing on my Droid!

Facebook and Big Brother

There are more and more people these days that are worried about all the data that facebook is collecting. One added piece of data that facebook can get when you are on your phone is your specific location. This can be a little unnerving. I typically keep my satellite function disabled unless I’m mapping or doing something else that requires the GPS, so it’s a little less of a concern for me. But it is something to be aware of and make sure you security setting are how you want them.

So if you are on the fence about downloading the facebook app I would say do it. You might want to disable your GPS satellite while you are using facebook (or always for that matter) but the smoothness of how the facebook app looks on your phone outweighs any of the cons.