Firefox Web Browser

Firefox Beta


There are quite a few browsers out there for sure. The most popular based on how many machines it’s running on is Internet Explorer, which I could write a whole post on why it’s #1 and it has little to do with the functionality of the browser. Closer on IE’s heels everyday is Chrome which is made by Google. It’s good browser and offers lots of functionality and many fewer bugs and issues then IE. Firefox may be far behind these two based on the number of machines its running on, but it is far superior when it comes to coolness. People who work in the computer industry are much more common to choose Firefox as their browser when given the choice.

Firefox Plugins

To me the coolest thing about Firefox is that they essentially invented the phenomenon known as the app. Yes the idea of the apps that we all download onto our smart phones everyday we born from the Firefox browser. Some time ago Firefox decided that they would release the right for third party programmers to create applications that would run within their browser. These can range from really small Firefox addons to whole fully functional applications. Ironically one of the largest companies that built and still supports Firefox plugins is Google, who offers among others, Google Talk, Google Earth, Google Maps, and more.

Firefox Themes

Many of the other browser offer themes, but I feel that  it’s yet another reason that Firefox is cool! You can basically personalize your web experience and Firefox will remember your preferences. It’s kind of like a skin that is doing the same thing as the basic browser in most cases but has a cool look that you choose.


So if you are looking to better your internet surfing experience you might think about downloading the Firefox browser and see what it, and all its plugins have to offer.