Gmail – The Best Email In The World

Email GoogleIt may sound like an overstatement at first but once you start using Gmail you will realize that Google has indeed put together the best email service in the world. The best part of course is that it won’t cost you a penny.

Why is Gmail Free?

Well as the old saying goes, nothing in life is free. Gmail isn’t going to cost you any actual dollars, but Google is making money by signing you up for Gmail. They are going to have their¬†algorithm read through the content of your email and it’ll server relevant ads on the top and or side of your screen when you are in Gmail. They are really not invasive on your experience and to be honest I never notice them until I happen to think to look for them. When I do notice them they are usually ads that I have valid interest in because they are somehow relevant to what I was just reading or typing about on email and I do click on the ads quite often because of valid interest.

Why is Gmail So Great?

I don’t own stock in Google so I can say without bias that I just really think Google does everything better. They just seem to be bound by the traditional thinking of how things are normally done. They just break down the things that we do everyday and take for granted and get right to the core of what is needed and how it should really work. To top things off not only do they make things work better (search, email, etc) but they also make every so very user friendly. With very little exception (Google Wave?) every Google product that I’ve set down in front of for the first time I was able to figure out very quickly and easily. If there are times when I stumble a bit it turns out the be because it is so different then what I’m used to, but then once I learn the Google system I realize that it is the way it should have been done all along!

Gmail was exactly that way for me. When I first saw they Gmail tracked email string in what they called conversations it was very confusing because it was so different then anything I had been used to before. But then as I got using Gmail I realized that it just made total sense to do things this way. All you emails back and forth on a subject are in one place. Instead of having a string of 20 emails in your inbox which was just the incoming part of a email conversation (your outgoing emails are in another folder of course with the old way) they are one spot in your inbox. You can click on it and see everything. I must not be the only one that had a little trouble with this concept at first because I noticed later you could turn this functionality on and off. I encourage anyone that has it turned off to turn it back on and use it for one week. I promise you’ll never want to go back to the old way!