Google Maps – Finding Your Way

Google DirectionsI still remember when I was in college (we’re talking mid 90’s here) the idea of the internet being your answer to finding your way around the roads was a very new idea. I was having a conversation with a buddy who was going to be taking a road trip. I told him he should go on mapquest and print the directions. He was amazed when I told him you could go to the internet and type in your starting and ending point and get turn by turn directions printed in minutes! He even impressed his friend later and told me about it. He was telling them about this new idea and they simply didn’t believe him! He literally how to go to a computer and show them it worked! My how times have changed!

It used to be that you would use Mapquest or there was another major player that I just simply can’t remember the name of. I’m sure in a few hours it’ll come back to me and I’ll come back and edit this post if so. Anyway, part of the reason I can’t remember the name is that Google go into the mapping game. Like most of the other things that Google does, once they got involved they were quickly the best. And not just the best, but so good that it makes your forget the names of the other competitors.

With Google Maps you can quickly, smoothly, and easily see a map of the location your enter. You can zoom in our out or slide in any direction so you can explore what you are looking for. Of course because it’s Google you can also seamlessly interact with Google’s other products like Google Earth or Google Directions (which is really just Google Maps). So you can put in an address for the area you are looking for and take a look. Then if you want to print out directions you can click the button for directions and enter your starting address. It’ll create specific directions for your trip with estimates of how long the trip will take and other helpful stats. You can also switch to satellite view and see in pretty good detail a view of a location from a satellite.

Turn by Turn

If you are viewing all this on your smart phone you can then switch to turn by turn mode, and Google will talk you through the whole trip. It’ll use the satellite connection on your phone to know where you are and how you are progressing. It’ll give you notice of an upcoming turn, and if for some reason you miss it, it’ll re-route you. Impressive stuff really!

Street View

Google has also been sending around special cars to take street level photos. So when you get to a key turn or your destination you can either print out a picture or it’ll pop up on your phone so you can know you are exactly in the right place. A little scary I suppose from a big brother stand point, but I have used it and it is really really helpful at times!

So the next time you need to take a trip get right on Google Maps and get it all figured out. There is a VERY low chance that you’ll impress your college buddies with this skill but still worth it!

Also if you have a smart phone and don’t all ready have the app make sure you download the Google Maps App today! You’ll thank me!