Holiday Apps – Top 5 Christmas Apps for your Android Smart Phone

Well it’s that time of year again. Sure Thanksgiving isn’t quite here yet and we are all looking forward to stuffing out belly, but really the Christmas season is all ready in high gear, whether you like it or not.

With that in mind here is my list of the top 5 must have Christmas Apps for you Android phone.

Christmas App #1 – Snowfall Live Wallpaper

I really like this app because it is so vivid and really makes you think of traditional Christmases of the past. It also is live wallpaper which means it is moving in the background all the time. I really love wallpapers that will do this. Snowfall Live also lets you customize almost every aspect of the wallpaper as well. You can choose how much snow, how fast it’s falling, sky color, and everything else you can think of. You can create you perfect Christmas snow storm this year, right from the warm comfort of your living room.

Christmas App #2 – Countdown to Christmas

This one is a cool app for a lot of reasons. It is really great if you have kids that are asking how many more days until Christmas, even when they’ve asked you three times today all ready!

Depending on how into Christmas you really are you can have this app active as a widget year round with a new Christmas image each week! It also offers two different widget sizes so you can customize how much space you was to allocate for this app.

As an added bonus it also appears that it comes with countdowns to most of the other major holidays as well, although Christmas is the only one mentioned in the description.

Christmas App #3 – Christmas Fire

This app is sure to warm you up on a cold Christmas day. It’s an app that shows a high resolution fire in a fireplace, which includes all the realistic sounds of a fire too! It lets you customize all the effects of the fire as well.

As an added bonus it include 10 Christmas song tracks as well. You can change the volume level of the fire sounds and song tracks independently, so you can enjoy both at the same time!

Christmas App #4 – Christmas Ringtones

Now if you really want to get into the swing of the holiday season using your phone you have to include some holiday ringtones! This app lets you preview the Christmas song ringtone and if you like it you just hold tap it and set it. You can easily set the song ringtones you like for calls and text message notifications. The app also has the ability to easily set distinctive ringtones for different callers. Fa La La La La — oh wait I gotta answer this! 🙂

Christmas App #5 – Christmas Gift Planner Pro

How about an app that will take some of the stress out of the holiday season? This is a really powerful Christmas shopping app. You know how it is you want to buy for everyone and you want to make sure that you buy and equal amount for you kids. This app not only keeps track of what you have bought, wrapped, and shipped, it also keeps track of what you spent. So you can know that you have been fair with all the kids because you spend the same amount on them this year.

It also has a really cool feature where you can scan a barcode and add it to your gift list. It doesn’t get much easier then that!

From the category of the more things change the more they stay the same, this app is also password protected. Back in the day you just have to worry about your kids finding the present hiding spot. Now you have to worry about them getting into your Christmas shopping app on your smartphone! Just with this password capability, you can focus you efforts back on the hiding of gifts!

So Merry Christmas and Appy New Year 🙂