Netflix App

If you like TV and movies then you assuredly all ready know all about Netflix. It’s that great service where you can get DVD’s in the mail or stream movies right onto your computer, and TV with a gaming system. Awesome right? I mean sure they recently split the pricing for mail DVD’s and streaming so it’s much more expensive then it was, but I am only paying like $17 a month for unlimited streaming and one DVD at a time. I think it’s still a good deal.


What’s great is that the streaming options are getting more and more robust. Still there aren’t any newly released block busters but there is quite a bit. Especially if you like documentaries and/or children’s shows. I feel like Netflix has every kids show/movie ever made! My kids love it. Especially in the summer when there is really just nothing on TV to watch! There is always something to watch if you have access to Netflix!

Netflix App

What’s great is the Netflix App! I have the Driod X and a while back it occurred to me to check to see if there was a Netflix app. It turned out there was but I was expecting it to be a slick way to manage the movie queue. I thought that would be nice to do on the fly so I downloaded and installed the app. When I did I pleasantly surprised to see what the app was WAY more powerful then I thought. It was a viewer so I could watch the online content and stream it right to my phone! Awesome. Now when I have downtime I’m only a few clicks away from watching a cool movie or TV on Netflix!

This came in really handy when I was camping with the family this past summer. This kids were really tired and fussy and just needed a late afternoon nap (especially if they were going to stay up to have a camp fire!). I just couldn’t get them to settle but then I remembered I had a decently strong signal at the campsite. I min later the kids were laying quietly watching one of their favorite cartoons on my phone. They feel asleep shortly and we had a great day. Thanks for saving the day Netflix!

The Downside

The downside is that, especially on the Droids, streaming content is going to really chew up your battery in a hurry! So if you are going to watch a movie on your phone (whether it’s through Netflix or not) you are going to want to make sure you aren’t too far from a plug!

Also, and this isn’t really that big a deal, but the Netflix App doesn’t seem to let you manage you queue which was what I originally thought it was going to be far. Now if I had to choose one or the other I’m glad the app streams content, but going to the web browser on my phone and managing my queue is a little clunky!