Norton Free Download



Norton Antivirus software has become one of the most popular antivirus software programs available on the market. If you are interested in Norton Antivirus software then you should try out the download Norton for free in order to get a feel for it.  The Norton free download trial  will perform just as well as the full version but only for a limited amount of time.  That is how they get you hooked with the free trial.

In the past Norton has been know for its sluggish behavior.  Often times Norton Antivirus would take a long time to install or even open once installed.  It would take up a large amount of space and many people complained that it slowed down their computers over all.  Not only that but it was also noticed that it could interfere with other programs performance and make things all around not run properly.  If at any point you wanted to try a different form of Antivirus then Norton would actually block the permissions of that other software.

Many of these things have changed for the best though and can be tested out with the free Norton Download.  If you download the free trial of Norton antivirus then you will notice right from the start that it takes much less time to install and open.  After you install and open the free trial you are going to be required to register the product.  Instead of being forced to open up your browser though this can now all be done right from the program interface which is a nice little feature that has been added.

If you have used Norton Antivirus software in the past then when you try out the new Norton free download you are going to find many of the same features.  The major difference is going to be the interface and how you use those features.  Norton has made some progress and is extremely user friendly.

If you are considering a new Antivirus program or looking to update your old version then try out the Norton free download that is available in order to get a feel for the product.  It really is the only way to get a real feel for it in order to decide if it is something worth spending the 39.99 on.