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Google Chrome

Google ChromeIf you are really up on your browsers then you are hopefully viewing this page on Google Chrome right now (well OK maybe Firefox, but those are the only two real options)! For years I was toiling around with Internet Explorer like most everyone else. I had all ready started using Gmail and was loving it. Then I saw and add on Gmail that said to try Chrome because Gmail ran faster on it. I thought well I really like Gmail and really everything Google does for that matter, why not give Chrome a try? So I downloaded and installed it. I have to say I didn’t really notice that Gmail ran any faster on Chrome but over all the experience was great.

What is better about Chrome

Part of the reason I really like Google products so much is that it’s like you can see the effect of their attitude that you don’t always have to color inside the lines. It seems like every time a new Microsoft product comes out it looks new and slick and has some new functionality, but over all it does everything basically the same way, I assume because that is always what they had done before.

With Google though it really seems like they aren’t bound by that kind of thinking at all. They just try to rip apart the issue at hand and just try to figure out what is the best, fastest, and most user friendly way to accomplish it. Sometimes I have to admit that they are so far out of the box that it feel weird at first, but then as you get using it you realize they really have the right answer, and you wonder why you haven’t done it like this all along!

For instance when I first started using Gmail it felt really weird, and almost risky, to just archive something I was done with but didn’t want to delete. I mean emails you are done with and want to keep have to go in a folder right? Right?! Nope. They can just go into a large bucket of archived emails. This works so well because Google does search so well. You just type in some words that you remember from the email you are looking for and in less then a second they are listed on your screen. I have tens of thousands of archived emails and I’ve never not been able to find the email I was looking for!

This same kind of thinking has been applied to all aspect of Google Chrome. It really just feels like they have it all figured out. Once you get used to it you realize this is what you have been missing all along! I’m not a real technical coding guy, but over all there are less bugs. Think about how many times you have to reload Internet Explorer, or even have to reboot your whole computer. It rarely if ever seems to happen when I’m browsing on Chrome!


Internet Software

Cloud Computing


These days it is becoming more and more common for the programs that we use to be be internet software as opposed to something that runs on your machine. This is basically what has become to be known at cloud computing. Cloud software (also known as website software) runs in cyberspace in a web browser for you, and your data is saved on a server. With cloud computing you are basically just using your computer as a way to connect to the internet, and all the “doing” is happening on the cloud.

Cloud Computer Providers

Because cloud computer has become so popular there are quite a few big name competitors getting in on the action. Some of the cloud computer leaders are Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Google got into the game very early, and is still a leader. Microsoft picked up on the idea kind of late but has a decent market share because they are Microsoft and they are everywhere pushing Sharepoint software. Amazon’s cloud computing play for right now is more of an online hard drive, offering competitive rates for large amounts of cloud storage.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

The main advantage of cloud computing is that everything is based on the internet, including the application and your data. So as long as you can get to an internet connection then you have access to all your work. So you no longer have to carry your files back and forth to work from home or out of town to presentations on some kind of media. You can just log online when you get there and you are ready to go. The other thing that is nice about cloud computing is how much easier it is to share files and collaborate on work. You don’t have to email files back and forth and wonder if it’s the most recent version. You can just give someone access to your file and you are always looking at the same version of the same file all of the time. With Google Docs you can give someone full access to a file and you can both be online viewing and making changes at the same time!

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

The only real disadvantage to cloud computing is that you are putting a lot of trust in the company that is handeling your applications and data. Suppose you got out of down and your presentation is a Google Doc. You are expecting to log on when the presentation starts and use it to illustrate for the audience. But if for some reason Google goes down (which is fairness almost never happens) you are left there with nothing to present. You are also trusting these companies with your data too. I mean, if you are saving your favorites recipes, then it’s not that big a deal. But let’s say you are saving some personal financial data for all your customers. If that company gets hacked your could have real issue on your hands!

Over all cloud computing is really taking off and is a great thing. The key for it truly being the future is in the hands of the companies that offer these applications and data storage. As long as you can always get to the applications and your data, and your data doesn’t end up the in the wrong hands then it is going to be the wave of the future.