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Google Chrome

Google ChromeIf you are really up on your browsers then you are hopefully viewing this page on Google Chrome right now (well OK maybe Firefox, but those are the only two real options)! For years I was toiling around with Internet Explorer like most everyone else. I had all ready started using Gmail and was loving it. Then I saw and add on Gmail that said to try Chrome because Gmail ran faster on it. I thought well I really like Gmail and really everything Google does for that matter, why not give Chrome a try? So I downloaded and installed it. I have to say I didn’t really notice that Gmail ran any faster on Chrome but over all the experience was great.

What is better about Chrome

Part of the reason I really like Google products so much is that it’s like you can see the effect of their attitude that you don’t always have to color inside the lines. It seems like every time a new Microsoft product comes out it looks new and slick and has some new functionality, but over all it does everything basically the same way, I assume because that is always what they had done before.

With Google though it really seems like they aren’t bound by that kind of thinking at all. They just try to rip apart the issue at hand and just try to figure out what is the best, fastest, and most user friendly way to accomplish it. Sometimes I have to admit that they are so far out of the box that it feel weird at first, but then as you get using it you realize they really have the right answer, and you wonder why you haven’t done it like this all along!

For instance when I first started using Gmail it felt really weird, and almost risky, to just archive something I was done with but didn’t want to delete. I mean emails you are done with and want to keep have to go in a folder right? Right?! Nope. They can just go into a large bucket of archived emails. This works so well because Google does search so well. You just type in some words that you remember from the email you are looking for and in less then a second they are listed on your screen. I have tens of thousands of archived emails and I’ve never not been able to find the email I was looking for!

This same kind of thinking has been applied to all aspect of Google Chrome. It really just feels like they have it all figured out. Once you get used to it you realize this is what you have been missing all along! I’m not a real technical coding guy, but over all there are less bugs. Think about how many times you have to reload Internet Explorer, or even have to reboot your whole computer. It rarely if ever seems to happen when I’m browsing on Chrome!


Google Docs

Google Docs AppGoogle Docs is my new favorite thing out there on the cloud! Google does everything and they do everything well! Basically Google Docs is the answer to Microsoft Office, but it’s all on the cloud. The applications are on the cloud and the the data is on the cloud. As long as you have an internet connections you have everything you need for creating office type files!

Obviously there are some strong pros and cons for cloud computing in general, but over all I really think the good far out weighs the bad! The only real downside is making sure you have an internet connection and trusting the source to be always available. So let’s say you do a large presentation on Google Presentation. You are going to give this presentation to a large crowd out of town. You get there assuming there will be an internet connection but there isn’t. You are in some trouble. Or worse let’s say you do have an internet connection but for some reason Google’s servers are down and you can get to it. Scary stuff.

The Good 

The good news is, at least for Google, they are almost never down! I mean it does happen but it is really really rare, and very short if it does happen. I feel very confident trusting my office files to Google. And really other then a pressure situation where you need it for a presentation then if they were down for a short period it wouldn’t really effect you all that much! And let’s be honest, in a presentation situation like that Google being down is comparable to you forgetting to pack the CD with the presentation, or that CD getting destroyed on the plane or some other physical issue like that. I’d rather take my chances that Google can come through then worrying if the baggage handlers can take care of the CD!

The App

I’m really excited now too that I found out there is a Google Docs app that I can install on my Android phone for free. It of course is a little more limited in functionality then the full version you will see on your computer or laptop, but when you are on the go and not near a computer it really is awesome! It’s best if you just need to view one of your documents to find out some information or review. You can edit your documents but because of the screen size limitations it is a little clunky. I would only really try to edit Google documents on my phone in emergency situations.

The other thing I use the Google Docs app for on my phone is to share documents. Google Docs is really slick when it comes to collaborating with others on the same documents. You can grant someone access based on their email address and you can both work on the same document at the same time! Or instead of emailing someone a document and then later after revisions emailing it to them again (and everyone being confused because they are working off an older version), you can just grant them permission to view the document. Saves on clogging up everyone’s email boxes and you know everyone is always viewing the latest version of your document. Awesome stuff!

How to Increase Internet Speed

If the wheel falls off your car you get out and see that it’s missing and know what to do or at least who to call to get going again. When you internet connection slows everything looks the same except for you raising blood pressure!

It’s the question that almost anyone and everyone that used a computer has asked at one time. How to increase internet speed? There are two reasons this is such a burning question. One is because it is just so frustrating when your connection is bogged down and you just want to get something done and move quickly. The second reason is that there are many reasons why an internet connection will slow, so it happens often.

The other difficult part about a slow internet connection is that, like almost everything involving your computer, it is so intangible. If the wheel falls off your car you get out and see that it’s missing and know what to do or at least who to call to get going again. When you internet connection slows everything looks the same except for you raising blood pressure!

So take a deep breath and check out the list below of possible culprits and solutions.

  1. The wire coming into your house. This is good an bad. The good news is that it’s nothing you did. The bad news is that you can’t control the issue. Depending on if you have FIOS, cable connection, or DSL, you could sometimes be sharing your internet connection on a hub for your entire neighborhood. If all the kids on your block are downloading the latest viral video while you are trying to get your work done, it’s going to slow. You can either slowly slog through it, or wait until later when activity slows. At least knowing that is the issue should at least calm you a bit. If you are still frustrated give the internet provider a call and vent a bit!
  2. Time of the day. Again this is one of those things you aren’t going to be able to control. Depending on your time zone the internet tends to be busiest after people get home from work until bed time. This has gotten even more true in recent years now that movie and television streaming has become so popular.
  3. Your wireless router. Ah, now finally here is something you can control. If you are hitting the internet through a wireless connection, then you possibly might have an older router that is slow. Research the speed of your wireless router and speed of your wireless card in your computer/laptop. If your computer can handle more then pony of the cash and get a new wireless router.
  4. Multiple uses in your home. Similar to the issue when you are sharing your internet connection with the neighborhood, no matter what your set up is, you are definitely sharing your internet connection with the people in your home. Especially if you are moving along fine and there is a sudden drop off, check with the people in your house and see if one or more connections are downloading big files. Now ground them, and your internet connection will speed up again 🙂 **If you have a wireless router make sure it is password protected. You could have unwelcome visitors on your internet connection **
  5. Issues on your PC/Laptop. Overtime you collect many many unwanted files on your computer from internet use. Also your computer can become bogged down with files that don’t involve the internet but slow down things in general. To solve this issue you have two options. First you can back up your files, format your entire computer, reinstall your operating system and other software, and then restore your files. Option two is to use some web based cleaning applications that promise to clean your computer of unwanted files and speed things up. These can really work wonders however you also need to be wary of what you use. There are services out there that mask themselves as an application to speed your internet but are really just installing spam. Do your research and find a reputable application that is really going to help.

So the next time your internet screeches to a halt try to stay calm. Take a deep breath and review the list above. Before you know it you’ll know how to increase your internet speed.