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CNET Downloads

CNETCNET is a very cool website that deals with everything computer, software, tech, and innovation. They describe themselves as the premier destination for tech product reviews, news, price comparisons, free software downloads, daily videos, and podcasts. That is a bit of a mouthful but they do really seem to cover all that ground.

CNET Downloads

Most people who are directly involved in the computer industry seem to know CNET best for their free downloads though. To find a CNET download just go to and click on the download button at the top of the screen. They have quite a selection so if you know what you are looking for then it’s best to just type it into the search box. If not and you are just shopping around then I personally think the most popular downloads page is really cool. If millions of folks have downloaded a piece of software then there is probably a reason.

CNET Free Downloads

If you take a look around the downloads section of CNET you’ll find that not everything is free. Many downloads are not. But you can find tons of offerings that are indeed free. Typically what is free are items that the company that wrote it would have given you anyway (like Google’s Chrome for instance) but it’s pretty slick that CNET had accumulated all of these in one place for convenience.

So if you are looking for a piece of software and you’ll like to download and not bother running to the store then CNET is a great place to start looking. While you are there you will fall in love with all the other information about tech and gadgets they offer as well!

Firefox Web Browser

Firefox Beta


There are quite a few browsers out there for sure. The most popular based on how many machines it’s running on is Internet Explorer, which I could write a whole post on why it’s #1 and it has little to do with the functionality of the browser. Closer on IE’s heels everyday is Chrome which is made by Google. It’s good browser and offers lots of functionality and many fewer bugs and issues then IE. Firefox may be far behind these two based on the number of machines its running on, but it is far superior when it comes to coolness. People who work in the computer industry are much more common to choose Firefox as their browser when given the choice.

Firefox Plugins

To me the coolest thing about Firefox is that they essentially invented the phenomenon known as the app. Yes the idea of the apps that we all download onto our smart phones everyday we born from the Firefox browser. Some time ago Firefox decided that they would release the right for third party programmers to create applications that would run within their browser. These can range from really small Firefox addons to whole fully functional applications. Ironically one of the largest companies that built and still supports Firefox plugins is Google, who offers among others, Google Talk, Google Earth, Google Maps, and more.

Firefox Themes

Many of the other browser offer themes, but I feel that  it’s yet another reason that Firefox is cool! You can basically personalize your web experience and Firefox will remember your preferences. It’s kind of like a skin that is doing the same thing as the basic browser in most cases but has a cool look that you choose.


So if you are looking to better your internet surfing experience you might think about downloading the Firefox browser and see what it, and all its plugins have to offer.

Antivirus Software

Anti Virus Software

Computer Virus

If you run a PC then you certainly know what viruses are all about. You need to have antivirus software running all the time because there are just so many of them out there that can attack you. It’s almost a full time job keeping your computer free of a PC antivirus!

I said you are familiar with antivirus if you are running a PC for a reason. I’m not a MAC person but I am thinking about making the switch the next time I need to update my laptop. From what I understand though there isn’t a need for any antivirus with a MAC. I’m still not sure if they because they are some how built differently so that viruses can’t take effect or if hackers simply don’t have interest in creating a virus for a MAC? My guess is the latter but I guess time will tell. As Apple and MAC’s become much more popular you would think there would be lonely nerds out there that would take notice and write some viruses.

Computer antivirus programs come in two different forms. One that tries to block them before they can get on your computer, and the other will detect the ones that make it through. Most of the more popular software antivirus will attempt to do both. To find the antivirus program or programs that are right for you, I suggest you check out antivirus software review and antivirus ratings.

Free Antivirus Program

There are programs out there which will both detect incoming viruses and those that are all ready on your hard drive, for free. You do have to be careful about free antivirus programs though. While there are some good ones, I am always leary about something useful that is free. Why is it free? Antivirus software free typically means, “We’re actually putting viruses on your computer!” So be careful of what you choose for your free antivirus protection.

Antivirus Removal

Because there are so many malicious antivirus programs out there, there is a whole industry of programs which will remove these free antivirus programs. Make sure to get something that will completely clean it off of your hard drive. And just like the original free antivirus program you need to be leary of free antivirus removal. Free comes at a price!

Internet Software

Cloud Computing


These days it is becoming more and more common for the programs that we use to be be internet software as opposed to something that runs on your machine. This is basically what has become to be known at cloud computing. Cloud software (also known as website software) runs in cyberspace in a web browser for you, and your data is saved on a server. With cloud computing you are basically just using your computer as a way to connect to the internet, and all the “doing” is happening on the cloud.

Cloud Computer Providers

Because cloud computer has become so popular there are quite a few big name competitors getting in on the action. Some of the cloud computer leaders are Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Google got into the game very early, and is still a leader. Microsoft picked up on the idea kind of late but has a decent market share because they are Microsoft and they are everywhere pushing Sharepoint software. Amazon’s cloud computing play for right now is more of an online hard drive, offering competitive rates for large amounts of cloud storage.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

The main advantage of cloud computing is that everything is based on the internet, including the application and your data. So as long as you can get to an internet connection then you have access to all your work. So you no longer have to carry your files back and forth to work from home or out of town to presentations on some kind of media. You can just log online when you get there and you are ready to go. The other thing that is nice about cloud computing is how much easier it is to share files and collaborate on work. You don’t have to email files back and forth and wonder if it’s the most recent version. You can just give someone access to your file and you are always looking at the same version of the same file all of the time. With Google Docs you can give someone full access to a file and you can both be online viewing and making changes at the same time!

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

The only real disadvantage to cloud computing is that you are putting a lot of trust in the company that is handeling your applications and data. Suppose you got out of down and your presentation is a Google Doc. You are expecting to log on when the presentation starts and use it to illustrate for the audience. But if for some reason Google goes down (which is fairness almost never happens) you are left there with nothing to present. You are also trusting these companies with your data too. I mean, if you are saving your favorites recipes, then it’s not that big a deal. But let’s say you are saving some personal financial data for all your customers. If that company gets hacked your could have real issue on your hands!

Over all cloud computing is really taking off and is a great thing. The key for it truly being the future is in the hands of the companies that offer these applications and data storage. As long as you can always get to the applications and your data, and your data doesn’t end up the in the wrong hands then it is going to be the wave of the future.

Computer Programming Degree

A little over a decade ago the folks that were working in a career that involved computers didn’t have a college degree that involved computers. This is because at that time there weren’t colleges that offered majors specilizing in anything that focused on computers. Computers quickly because a must have for small companies to the fortune 500’s though and the people that did have some computer knowledge started making quite a bit of money because they were so in demand. Colleges quickly were able to adapt to the changing environment and now most people working as computer programmers, IT, computer engineers and the like did likely major in computers.

Computer Programming Major

A computer programmer is someone that is going to specialize in writing of code to create applications for their company. Usually these applications will be specific to a need for one department but they can be as large in scope as something needed to be used company wide. As a computer programming major you’ll be exposed to a number of different programming languages and overall coding structure theory as well.

Computer Programming Degree Online

A great option for a computer programming degree is to see what options are available to you online. These may include colleges that offer their entire degree online or you maybe find a traditional campus degree that offers some classes online. Either way taking a class online is going to save you money and give you the flexibility of schedule that many people need in order to make a degree possible.

Associate Degree Computer Programming

An associate degree is your basic two year degree. It’s not going to get you as far ahead as a Bachelors Degree computer programming (4 year degree) would but it’s a great way to get a degree and get employed in the industry that interests you. You also can get an entry level job in the industry and continue with your Bachelors studies at night or online. Then apply for promotions at your company where you have been working and are well known.

Accredited Online Degree

If you do choose to find a college that offers you a completely online degree one thing you need to make sure of is that they are a truely accredited college. There are sites out there that are selling not accredited degrees. It won’t seem like a big deal while you are taking your classed but trust me that it’ll make all the difference when you go to apply for jobs after graduation.

Computer Science Degree

A computer science degree is going to be a little more general then a computer programming degree. With a computer science degree you are going to get a little more exposure to computer hardware as well as networking and IT as well. If you really love computer programming then that is the way to go. However, if you really love computers but aren’t sure what specific area you like then a degree in computer science is the way to go.

Software Engineering Degree

A software engineer is similar to a computer programmer but it’s a little bit of a large scope. A programmer might create the code for a specific part of a program or with the narrow scope of an individual task. A software engineer I think of as more someone that will help create the program along with users right from the ground up. This would include the planning of what the program is going to be, how it will be used, and how it will interact with the other programs the company uses.

Computer Engineering Degree

A computer engineer is someone that works more with the hardware of a computer. You’ll either do more research and development in creating new technologies to make computers faster or better, or you’ll work for a company in their computer department building or fixing their computers for end users.

Game Programming Degree

One newer area of computer degrees is for people who are specifically interested in creating video games. Video games has become a huge industry and now there are college majors that deal specifically with the topic. You can specialize in the coding, with the theory behind the game, or other areas, as making a video game has become a huge under taking. No matter your focus you’ll be involved in cutting edge technology and an exciting industry.