Windows 8 Is Here

I’ve mentioned Windows 8 before here at Most of you, all though assuredly not all, are likely running Windows 7 right now. I work for a slow adapting employer and we just recently upgraded to Windows 7 if you can believe it. I’m fairly certain the next time we upgrade it will be to Windows 9!

Yesterday Microsoft shipped the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, so it indeed is here. Windows 8 is upon us! The interesting thing about Windows 8 is how most of the talk is about how Microsoft is really banking everything on this upgrade. It’s not just a list of small tweaks and a reason to release something now. Windows 8 had been put together in a way to really try to capture the tablet market as well as the more traditional laptop/PC market. The question that remains to be answered is whether is going to be as nice and successful as Windows 7 was, or if the traditional users are going to be too frustrated with the new look and feel to end up hurting it’s market share. Time will tell.

In the mean time if you would like to download Windows 8 and get behind the test drivers wheel, then go to and download it today. Let me know what you think!