Windows XP Product Key

Your Windows XP product key will be required if you need to reinstall your current version of Windows XP on your computer.  Many times this will also be referred to as your cd key because it can typically be found on the cd holder that your Window XP cd came in.  In the key is not located on the disk that your windows XP disk came in then you may also find your Windows XP product key on a sticker within the manual that came with your computer.  In some instance you Windows XP product key could also be located on a sticker that is attached right to your computer.

I assure you that locating your Windows XP product key is likely the most difficult process of the whole re-installation.

If for some reason maybe you discarded all your manuals and are unable to locate your Windows XP product key then there is still hope.  There are programs out there that you can download and run manually that will search your computer and return your product key for you.  You simple have to download install and run one of these programs and it should return a series of letter and numbers in a format that looks like xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx which is your Windows XP product key.

Make sure your write this code down exactly as it appears.  If you do not write down and enter your Windows XP product key exactly as it is displayed then you may not be able to properly re-install Windows Xp back on to your computer.

If for some reason you try all of this and you are still unable to locate your product key then you still have a couple options none of which are very pretty though.  Your first and least expensive option is going to be and try to request a new product key from Microsoft.  You will need to prove that you purchased the software though before they are going to reissue you another product key.  This can be a hassle and can also be time consuming.

Your other option which i know you don’t want to hear is that you can go ahead and purchase another copy of Windows XP.  This may also be a good time to upgrade or try out another operating system also.