Many people are looking for a way to convert WMV files to AVI files.  This process can be complted by following a few instructions.

First you will need to have your WMV file saved and ready to go.

Next you will want to download Windows Movie Maker.  If you are operating with Windows XP or Windows Vista then you are in luck because both of these should have come with Windows Movie Maker.

After you have Windows Movie Make you will want to open your .wmv file with Windows Maker.  You may need to import your file rather than using the simple Open with command.

Once you have the file imported you will want to drag it to the “timeline”  which is a feature within the software that should stand out when you are looking at it.

Then on the left hand side you will want to go to the “Publish to” command.  In there you will want to select Finish Movie along with To this Computer.

Click Next

Now in the Option Other Settings Choose DV-AVI

When you click ok windows will start converting the file.  This could take a few minutes so be patient here.  It all depends on the size of your movie.

Once the process is complete you will now have your file in .AVI format.