Words With Friends

Another of my new smart phone game app addictions is Words with Friends. It is another one of those simple games that you get addicted to and you can’t put it down. It is essentially just the old board game Scrabble, but it’s electronic and it’s interactive with…you guessed it…Friends! lol.

Facebook Game

What is nice is that it’s also a Face book game as well. So you can play it when you are online on Facebook or you can download the app and play it right on your smartphone. You can choose a username or just choose to sign in with your Facebook credentials. For me personally I like the convenience of Facebook so when even I can find something that is also a Facebook App then I choose to sign in that way.

It’s Free

The best part is that it’s free! But like everything in life, nothing is really free. Whenever you play a word it scores your move and then takes you to an ad. Sometimes this ad is just a screen shot and sometimes its a short video clip ad for a movie or something like that. It’s not really that bad because the moves you make are going to take some time, so it’s not like you are viewing ads every couple of minutes or anything. I typically make one word play with each person I have a current game going with before I got to bed. You can play as soon as your opponent makes a word, but my life is busy and that’s how I do it.

Words with Friends Tip

One tip that I can give you that it took me some time to find out is that you can try words with no penalty. So if you are trying to make a word fit in a spot because you only have a couple tiles left or because you want to hit that triple word score give it a shot. Just submit your words and if it’s a word you are all set. If it isn’t a word then you’ll get a message telling you that and you’ll get no penalty and you just try again without losing your turn.

Good Luck!